The hardest part

As many of you probably have experienced – it’s always so hard to start doing things whatever they may be – learning, a work project, working out or anything else that may be beneficial in a long term, but when you have already started you can start to notice that it’s actually not as boring or hard as you thought it would be – quite often the opposite – you may even start to enjoy the process. So here I am starting with this blog post, with a hope that after this one I will get myself to write many others.
So, I am sorry if the blog or my profile looks a bit half-assed, incomplete for the time being, hopefully I will improve it with time. The same I can say about the articles and all the other stuff you will be able see that I am doing – hopefully I will be able to improve the quality of it all and you will be able to grasp some valuable information or inspiration for yourself as well.

The reason

I’ve been thinking to start a blog for quite a time already and the thought behind it is simple – firstly, to make my commitments public. I hope that it will push me to actually finish what I have planed, to actually develop skills and projects that I’ve started to do and so on. Secondly – even if the blog doesn’t manage to get even a single actually interested reader then it will still serve me as a place where I can get my thoughts, rants and plans out, get them written down.
Thirdly – if it actually gets any readers then, hopefully not only it will help me to get better but to others as well.

The content

If you have read so far (if so, thank you for your attention!) , probably you can already know what kind of articles you can expect to see here in the future.
But not counting the fact that I am kind of a self-help freak, I have many different interests that can serve as a good base for all kinds of interesting content – military and excersing, arts, design and music, video games and development of video games and many other things closely or not so closely related to these.
For now, I hope to post here once per week or about 2-3 times per month. A fixed schedule is not yet in mind, but I will come up with it till the next article.

Stay tuned for posts about PC building, cold showers and game development – coming up soon!

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3 thoughts on “Starting

    1. Hey! Thank you really much for actually going through my first post. I greatly appreciate it! 🙂 I indeed hope that I will get into it and it won’t be just another thing/project that I abondon.


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